Way To Go!

You’ve successfully taken the first steps to actualizing your dream of becoming a dentist.


Hi, I'm Sara! 

I'm here to teach you the specific techniques I've learned and used to help students across the country gain admission into their target dental schools. 

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Lets Figure Out Which Stage You're In!

  • A dental school application is broken down into 3 stages

  • Each stage has specific strategies for success that I will teach you 


Stage 1

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     Application Planning          

   Together we develop comprehensive            road map to ensure your        application will contain requisite components guaranteeing competitiveness. 

Stage 2

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Application/Personal Statement

Formulate compelling personal statement and application blurbs that highlight your unique qualifications and abilities. Strategically convey commitment and passion for dentistry.

Stage 3

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     Interview Coaching            

Enter interview with complete confidence! Draft school-specific answers to frequently asked questions. Conduct mock interview and video analysis of strengths and weaknesses.