Dental School Application Secrets

8 Module Video Course


Course Eligibility

  • Students must be applying for the 2019, 2020, and 2021 application cycle.

  • Undergraduate students must display a GPA & sGPA at or above 3.3.

  • Graduate students must display a GPA at or above 3.6.

  • Students must have a 19 DAT or above (if taken).

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Module #1: Application Theme

Here, we will go over what an application theme is and give you tools that enable you to personalize your own theme. Fill out our guided worksheet, interact with us via email to get feedback, and gain the confidence that your personal statement will be great!

Module #2: Personal Statement Writer’s Workshop - Part 1 

Want to get into Harvard? Nova? USC? We’ll show you excerpts from the personal statements of students who have matriculated to schools in all parts of the country (and those who haven’t!), so you can make a successful outline for your personal statement. 

Module #3: Personal Statement Writer’s Workshop - Part 2

Explore storytelling techniques, a really exciting way to make you stand out from the stack of 3000 similar-sounding applicants!

Module #4: Researching Target Dental Schools

“I just want to get in already - I’ll go wherever I get in - let me apply to a bunch of schools!” Does that sound like you? Casting such a big net is expensive, not to mention tiring. Instead, download our pre-made Excel spreadsheet to research schools strategically and prioritize where you want to apply based on your individual goals. Connect especially with schools that have the specialties you are interested in, and plan ahead!

Module #5: Develop Your Application Timeline

It’s easy to get so focused on doing well on the DAT that you lose sight of every other part of your application. Sure, the DAT is important, but dental schools look at you holistically as a person, so stay on track with your timeline!

Module #6: Shadowing and Volunteering with purpose

If your shadowing story is that you watched the dentist passively for 200 hours, then did you really get the most out of your shadowing experience? We will teach you how to make your shadowing experiences meaningful that it translates excellently onto a personal statement (and at the interview!). We’ll walk you through what you should be doing while shadowing, and which points are best to incorporate into your personal statement.

Module #7: Networking with dental schools

This class gives you creative, backdoor networking strategies that give you face-time with dental school admissions. It might seem overwhelming to get in touch with dental school admission boards as an undergraduate student, but remember - dental schools are looking for bright students to join their class, and they are super friendly!

Module #8: Application Blurb Writer’s Workshop

On the AADSAS application, you have 600 characters to tell dental schools about the hundreds of shadowing hours you have. Long story short, you need these blurbs to stand out. Don’t just regurgitate all that you did - we can teach you how to be memorable!

BONUS MODULE #1: AADSAS Instructions Intro Course

How many of you have looked over the AADSAS instructions briefly and put it away only due to its overwhelming amount of information? No one likes reading instructions. But, all of it is important. Understanding the instructions enables you to make yourself memorable. This is the course before the course, where we break down all the nitty-gritty stuff AADSAS expects you to follow, so you don’t have to go through it alone! 

BONUS MODULES #2 & #3: Interview Workshops - Part 1& Part 2

Does the thought of interviewing make you nervous? Do you ever remember just the right thing to say as soon as the opportunity is gone? We understand that the process can be nerve-racking! What will they ask? How do I answer? What if I say the wrong thing? In these bonus modules, we’ll tell you the most popular questions asked, how to craft school-specific answers, and give you some star examples that have worked in the past!

BONUS #4: Application Theme Reviewed By Sara Steinberg

BONUS #5: Personal Statement Reviewed By Sara Steinberg