See Why Students Trust The Smart Applicant

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"Can't believe I just got accepted to dental school!

I want to thank Sara. Before I met her, I was already interviewed by 3 dental schools, and was systematically wait-listed for each. I had decent grades but interviewing always made me nervous. I had just one left, and I had to make it count. The pressure was on. I reached out to Sara for guidance. She took her time to educate me about what dental schools are looking for, how to stand out among others, and what each interview question is really asking you. She and Dr. Ayal helped me script out my stories and helped me build self-confidence.

On the day of the interview, I realized that I wasn’t nervous like I had been for my previous ones. With their help, I was able to conquer my interview and was just accepted to Boston University class of 2022!

Get this, I was even awarded a hefty scholarship for all four years!!!!! I highly recommend her to anyone who is applying to dental school. She is very passionate about her students and helping them achieve their dental dream."



"I was recently accepted to UPenn School of Dental Medicine for the Class of 2022! I just wanted to give a big thanks to Sara for giving me guidance during the application and interview process, and the confidence to get this far. I started out this cycle thinking I wasn’t going to get any interviews with my shaky grades freshman year, but Sara helped me see the highlights and positives in other aspects of my application and gave me the know-how to present myself in the best possible way on paper and in person."



"I applied to 18 schools 2 years ago and didn't get one interview. Thinking back at my first application, it really was not strong. My personal statement was very generic and didn't tell a story about me. I also did not have any kind of theme.

This past year, Sara helped me create a plan for my current application. Sara and I worked on my personal statement, supplementals, and strengthening my extracurriculars. I submitted feeling very confident about how I presented myself. I am already up to 7 interviews an it’s only September!"



"I’m a Canadian applicant applying this round and just wanted to send out some positive morale for my fellow International applicants! I went into the whole application process pretty guarded and not with the most positive outlook. However, after making a plan with Sara Steinberg’s guidance, I have been fortunate enough to be accepted into FOUR schools thus far!"



"This is my 3rd time applying. The first cycle I really had no clue what I was doing. Didn't know what schools wanted, how to write a personal statement, I had taken my DAT twice and made a 17 both times... the list goes on.

Last fall (my second application cycle) I took my DAT a 3rd time and came out with a 20. I also still didn't put much time or thought into my application blurbs, personal statement, or service initiatives. I thought I'd surely at least get an interview from my dream school and get accepted to a few others. None of that happened. I actually didn't receive a single interview. I was very frustrated. I thought improving my DAT score would pave the way into a dental school. I was wrong.

I found this group and decided to enroll in one of Sara's classes. I learned the correct way to fill out my application. She helped me write a personal statement that blew the previous out of the water. I completely changed the way I told my story and branded myself.

Well... I received a call from my dream school (UAB) yesterday and they invited me for an interview! I was expecting to get an interview this time around, but I honestly didn't 100% believe in myself after falling flat on my face the previous two years.

It's only July and I've already accomplished more this cycle than ever before. That instills a ton of confidence in me.

Thanks, Sara for everything!"



"Just finished the 8 module course w/ Sara and let me tell you... it has changed EVERYTHING for me!!!!

I'm a senior at the University of Alaska Anchorage and although we have started a few dental clubs here, we still felt disconnected, confused and misinformed about the application process. The course answered questions I didn't even knew I had, and not only gave descriptions, but so many examples and gave me so many ideas. I feel 100% more prepared - so much so, that I've pushed my application date up by a YEAR!

Sara not only presents the material in an engaging and exciting way, but she also encourages you to do course "homework" so that she can check it and ensure you're on the right track after each video. I was honestly surprised that I got so much personal attention! I would encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity.

It is worth the money - I promise!!!"



"I am extremely happy that I got the opportunity to get coached by Sara. I can confidently say Sara helped bring the best out of me and made me feel very confident walking into my interview. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is worried about being potentially flustered or nervous."



"As an applicant for the 2018 cycle, I've learned so much about writing my personal statement from Sara's course. Before, I was very overwhelmed because the prompt of the personal statement is generic and I was unsure of what dental schools would be looking for. however, Sara is so knowledgeable and was able to teach me exactly what to incorporate. I would highly recommend any course or service from Sara. She always made sure I was on the right track and thought of ways to help me excel as a dental school applicant."